Summer School Overview

The latest news: August 20th, 2015

SWIFT data reduction tutorial:

The summer school will have a tutorial talk on the SWIFT data reduction. Please go to this website to download the software and necessary datasets.

Required Preparatory Work:

The summer school has multiple hands-on sessions. We ask all registered participants, please follow the instruction here to install the necessary software and download the PTF sample data before the start of the summer school.


Graduate students interested in time domain astronomy, highly motivated undergraduates and new users of iPTF data.

We plan to cap the total number of participants to less than 100.


  • August 24 - 27, 2015



$250 Registration fee, payable on site. Accommodation: typically run at $80/night (nearby motels)


  • Introduce time domain science to students by teaching them basic concepts and techniques using iPTF case studies

  • Acquaint new users on how to effectively use the iPTF public data release

  • Help the community prepare for time domain science in the LSST era by sharing our experience with iPTF

Format of the Summer School:

  • This 4-day summer school will cover the basic concepts of time domain science, iPTF operations, specific science cases, iPTF databases and useful tools.

  • Through out the four day summer school, we will have six hands-on sessions, which will teach students various skills to deal with large time domain data, such as python program language, machine learning software, how to access iPTF public data, how to use iPTF data to do sciences and how to create your own tools to utilize large time domain datasets. We will distribute example PTF datasets and assign home work.

Important Note: Registration for this meeting is open on April 10th, 2015, the deadline for registration is August 10th, 2015. Please see the registration page for details.