Summer School Overview

The latest News: Sept. 2

Palomar Tour After the Summer School:

After the successful Summer School, we had a tour of the Palomar Observatory. Here are some pictures taken during the tour.

Update on the summer school, August 15th, 2014

Required Preparatory Work:

The summer school has multiple hands-on sessions. We ask all registered participants, please follow the instruction here to install the necessary software and download the PTF sample data before the start of the summer school.


  • August 25 - 29, 2014 (first day is a bootcamp)



  • Introduce time domain science to students

  • Provide information to new users on how to effectively use the iPTF public data release

  • Help the community prepare for the LSST era by sharing our experiences with iPTF


  • Introduce the mechanics of iPTF to new users

  • Discuss improvements in the pipelines

  • Review PTF key programs and present new results

  • On first day (August 25), conduct a 'bootcamp' for first time users on iPTF tools, databases, and facilities.

Meeting will consist of 4 parts:

  • A.   A bootcamp for first time users of iPTF to be held Monday, August 25. (This is essentially a set of 'how-to' tutorials.)

  • B.   The primary summer school to be held August 26 and 27.

  • C.   A stellar astrophysics workshop to occur on August 28 and 29(until noon).

  • D.   Five hands-on sessions have been planned throughout the summer school. These sessions will demonstrate how to use PTF data to do Time Domain science. We will distribute example PTF datasets and assign home work.

Important Note: Registration for this meeting is open on May 1st, 2014, the deadline for registration has been extended to August 8th, 2014. Please see the registration page for details.